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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Surplus and New Beginnings

I haven't written on the blog for awhile. I was loving my new class, excited for a new year, knowing THIS was going to be my year. My year to be less stressed, more organized, and a better teacher.

Then, I was blindsided by being surplused to another school in my district 6 weeks in to the new year. I was told on a Friday afternoon, taught Monday-Wednesday like normal, and then the district gave me a sub for Thursay and Friday. I then had to pack up my classroom while my students were trying to learn and continue their day. It was heartbreaking. Have you ever been in your classroom while there is a sub? It's not so fun.

With the help of my wonderful family I was able to get packed up and moved. I was moved to a nice school, still teaching third grade. I was put in a portable classroom, the only one at the school, so it wasn't ideal. I had to start teaching on Wednesday so I had TWO DAYS to unpack and set up my classroom. Needless to say, I am just now getting things set up exactly how I want.

Here's some pictures of the before:

A little scary? Yep. By the time school started it looked like this:

Not quite as bad! I'll have to take some more recent pictures when I get it just how I want it. 

All in all, it's been 3 months at my new school and I am settling in. It's hard to get to know the new teachers, especially being in a portable, but they are all so nice. The principal is great, which really makes a difference in the school atmosphere in my opinion!

I'm excited to start writing in the blog again and put the stressful past behind me!

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