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Friday, January 24, 2014

Having Fun with Lining Up

My students have a hard time on Wednesday mornings. Right when they get there we have to leave for computer lab. If your computer lab time is as minimal and precious as mine, you will understand my urgency to get there quickly and not waste any minute that is scheduled!

I've been trying to have more fun in the classroom, so this is what I did 5 minutes before school started.
As the students filed in I played the mission impossible theme (thanks, YouTube!) The slide says "Your mission, if you choose to accept: Line up in number order with the following supplies. Spy supplies: Pencil and notebook for computer lab" and also "This message will destroy in 5 minutes. You must be in line before the bomb goes off!" The "bomb" was a countdown timer I got from (They have a lot of different counters besides the bomb; alarm clock, egg timer, etc.)

The students unpacked, got their supplies and lined up in 3 minutes flat! Then we had to wait the other 2 minutes to see the "bomb"  go off. It was really fun for me and the students!

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