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Friday, November 28, 2014

Teaching Multiplication Strategies

We've been working on multiplication lately. It's just being introduced to these third graders so we have been learning so many strategies; equal groups, repeated addition, arrays, bar models, skip counting, and using the commutative property.

I have a bucket of all kinds of counters I have collected from thrift and dollar stores. Army men, foam shapes, chess pieces, blocks, mini erasers, etc. all make great counters.

Here's the students making equal groups with their counters and dry erase boards.

We've also been using our Fact of the Day books I created. This gives them daily practice with many strategies. You can purchase it HERE in my TPT store for less than $2!

Since I don't trust my kiddos to keep this mini book nice and neat in their desks, they are housed in their table caddies with their "Kickin' It!" Multiplication materials. This definitely gets our Math block going smoothly since we do both things every day.
Check out the "Kicking It!" fluency program HERE on TPT made by Kelly Malloy. We just started but the students are loving it. I am going to try my darndest to get these kids fluent in their facts before fourth grade! This program is a super fun way to help them with fact fluency. 
Here's a picture of our "Kicking It!" wall. I can't wait until some of those little ninjas gain more belts!

Please share in the comments how you're teaching multiplication!

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Art Ideas with Pinterest

Last year I was at a school with an amazing art teacher. This year I am on my own with all things ART! I do love art, just need help with ideas and finding time to incorporate it.

Just wanted to share my Pinterest board as I have many awesome ideas pinned from other teachers.

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