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Free! means it's a free site
$$ means it costs money, but I still think it's awesome.
$$/Free! means some of the site is free, some of it costs money

TEACHER Resources:
$$ Free! Awesome teacher-created resources for the classroom
$$ Free!  (Grades 1-5)
Free! (Grades 5-6)
Free! (Preschool)
Free! (Preschool-1st grade)
$$ Free! (great place for teacher resources in an electronic format)
Free!  (excellent videos on Math and Science)
Free! (Lots of printables, great for timed drills)

Free! (reading lists, online ebooks, audiobooks and more!)
Free! (Typing practice with 4 levels)
Free! (Virtual Manipulatives for Grades K-12, Java required)
$$ Free! (Spelling games, teacher uploaded spelling lists, handwriting worksheets)
Free! (Math games, tutorials, worksheets, and movies!)
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