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Sunday, August 18, 2013

You are O"fish"ally in 3rd Grade Bulletin Board!

I finally got everything moved into my new classroom! It feels so great having most everything put away. I'm not done, but I still have 3 days I can be in the school before the students come so I'm not stressing. (BIG deal for me, I'm really trying to not stress out like I did before the start of last year.)

I actually felt unpacked enough that I put things on the walls and even got my bulletin board done!

I don't have the most recent class list, but I know I have more students, so I saved the fish bowl for their fish.

Now take a look at these two pictures. Can you see it? Are you a perfectionist like me?

Yep. Try as I might I couldn't leave the "in 3rd grade" line where it was.

How much time do you spend on bulletin boards?

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