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Monday, August 15, 2011

Fold and Cut-Bound Books TUTORIAL

I loved to make books when I was in elementary. When I didn't have many materials I would make this book that only requires paper and scissors to bind (although I have been known to skip the scissors altogether and just fold and tear!)

You will need:
* I used construction paper for this book, but computer paper works well too. Paper that is too thin, such as manuscript paper, will not work very well. Remember that the number of pages you end up with in your book will be double the number of pieces of paper you have.

1. Fold each piece of paper in half hamburger style.

2. Measure about one inch from the top and bottom of each piece of paper on the fold side. To do this quickly I measured one piece, put all the pieces together, then following the guideline from the first page I marked the rest.

3. Take ONE piece of paper and cut out the middle from each mark at the end. You are making a "slit" in the fold, leaving the two measured pieces at the end un-cut.

4. All the remaining pieces of paper will be cut from the bottom and top until you hit the mark (the opposite of what you just did in #3)

5. Fold the paper you just cut, lengthwise and put it carefully in the slit piece of paper.

6. CAREFULLY unfold the lengthwise paper to fit into the slit. Do one end at a time or you will likely rip the slit open. Hopefully the pictures will help explain this as it's hard to write in words!

7. You now have your book!
Well there's my first tutorial ever! Any questions? Anything unclear?
Thanks for reading!

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